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Employment Offer

Once we have identified the best fit candidate employee, we will extend the offer and run the criminal background check and any other pre-employment screenings you request.

Progress Follow-Up

We will check in periodically to see how things progress. If at any point you have concerns, we ask that you let us know. It is our job to provide feedback and counsel our employees.

One on one meetings

We believe if possible we would like to meet with our clients in their working environment to learn about their culture and identify candidates that are the perfect fit.

Potential Candidate Resumes

We assist with streamlining your hiring procedures by taking the lead to recruit, screen, reference and propose only qualified candidates to you for review.

Interview Notes & Skills Testing Scores

We provide resumes with interview notes from the candidate discussions along with test scores from the utilization of personality and skill tests we can administer. The feedback from these tools will enhance the process to filling the role need.

Interview & Follow-up

We will schedule interviews for you and follow-up with both you and our candidates after for feedback.

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